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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  March 4, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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po good afternoon everyone, i'm michelle griego. frank is on assignment. police expected on campus at hercules high today. investigating allegations of a sexual assault against a transgender student. kpix 5's mark kelly joins us
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live from hercules high school where some parents are just hearing the news of what allegedly happened. mark? >> reporter: michelle, parents and students very concerned about this alleged hate crime here at hercules high school. this is the second attack keep in mind against a transgender student just in the last four months. parents here say hercules high school is a good school. the students responsible for this were just a few bad apples. one day after hercules high school made a crime scene, students are back in class. their parents concerned for their children and the school's future. >> this is like on the -- other end of the spectrum when it comes to you know your child and having -- and being safe within the school. >> we have to be taught that this is not acceptable in society. >> reporter: hercules police say a horrific assault happened monday morning in this school restroom. when three 16 to 17-year-old males sexually assaulted a 15- year-old transgender teenager. the victim is biologically
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female but identifies as male. >> forced into the handicap stall and physical and sexually assaulted. >> reporter: the victim was sent to the hospital and given a rape kit. friend james gross has a message for the students responsible. >> if you would have known what he's going through, you wouldn't molest him or really anybody. >> reporter: as police continue the investigation, parents ratcheting up a call for tighter security on the campus. including security cameras. >> it may help bet -- if people think they're going to be on couple are they wouldn't do -- camera they wouldn't do some of those things. >> there are not a set of security cameras here on this campus. there will be in the future but we haven't had the resources to do that although we do have -- it's in our plan. >> reporter: but cameras can't prevent a sexual assault. tolerance and education about what it means to be transgender can. >> take care of each other, instead of fighting each other. >> sexual harassment,
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prevention training with our staff and our students that were already in place and we're going to escalate those here for hercules middle high. >> reporter: of course, not having those security cameras, that is one big hurdle for investigators and trying to figure out this case. this second, police say is victims of rape often have a difficult time describing their attacker. at least at first. but grief counselors will be here for faculty and staff to work through this together. live in hercules, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> this incident is the second at hercules if four months -- in four months. a fight involving another transgender student happened last november. a 16-year-old sophomore who identifies as a traps gender female was fighting with -- transgender female was fighting with three other students. a vail jill for a popular mart mess eighth grader. a memorial is in place on the railroad tracks where jenna betti was killed sunday afternoon. on facebook, her mother says jenna dropped her phone and
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went back to retrieve it. that's when she was struck and killed. tonight's vigil starts at 6:30 at martinez junior high school. a 4 your girl refrain -- 4- year-old girl remains in critical condition. her mother was driving on osgood road when she crossed the center line and hit another car head-on. the little girl was in the back in a car seat that wasn't secured properly. police say the mother and the driver she hit may both face drunk driving charges. the faa is investigating the crash of a small plane that took the life of a lake tahoe woman. the wreckage of a single engine piper malibu was spotted yet in the mountains near truckee. a tahoe city couple was flying back from santa ana. the husband survived with critical injuries but his 55- year-old wife died. developing news about facebook. the menlo park social media giant has set its sights on drones. tech crunch is reporting it is in negotiations to buy titan
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aerospace. they make in expensive drones that are pilotless and solar- powered. because they can stay airborne for as long as five years, the drones could be used as atmospheric satellites to expand internet access. word is facebook could pay up to $60 million for titan to fulfill mark zuckerberg's dream of bringing affordable internet access to everyone on the planet. america's original gadget store is about to cut back operations. radio shack says it will be closing 1100 stores. cate caugurian on why the iconic retailer is struggling to stay relevant. >> reporter: in this super bowl ad, it looked like radio shack knew what was coming. >> the '80s called. they want their store back. >> reporter: and nearly a month later in the growing world of online point and click shopping, the major retail store says it's closing 1100 of its stores. >> it's time for a new radio shack. >> all shopping is done online.
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>> nowadays it's more of the bigger stores, the fry's electronics and those guys. >> reporter: experts say it isn't the first time we've seen this happen to a brick and mortar store. and it won't be the last. radio shack reported sales at stores open at least a year fell 19% in the last quarter. so the so-called new radio shack is going to have to shape up or shack out. >> they're going to have to boost their online presence and offer something that can actually compete with amazon. which at this point if they're trying to do that now, they're a little bit too late. >> reporter: not only are big box stores competing with online sales and free shipping, but they also have the additional cost of staffing stores and paying for the store itself. >> the future of this business could be something that really embraces the showrooming part of it. where really these stores just have the products that people can come in and play with. and if they want to order them, they have to go online. >> i was a little kid radio shack was kind of the place to go. and so yeah it is -- it's been a staple for a long time.
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but yeah. it's -- it's business and that's kind of how life is. >> reporter: radio shack hasn't said how many jobs will be lost in the closings. or what stores they plan to shut down. in mountain view, cate caugurian, kpix 5. >> radio shack representatives have not returned our requests for a comment. checking bay area headlines now, san francisco police accused of stealing drugs and money intended for evidence are due back in court this afternoon. six officers were named in a federal indictment unsealed last week. prosecutors say surveillance video from a tinder loin hotel shows undercover air forces barging into -- officers barging radiobooms and -- into rooms and stealing valuables. the muslims are angry over a proposed domain awareness center that will collect video feeds from cameras and sensors around the city. the community fears they'll be singled out. the city council votes today. and overnight rain likely a factor in a number of accidents
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and that includes this crash on church sheet in -- street? san francisco. a car hit a pole in front of everett middle school leaving wreckage in the yard and also on the sidewalks. the driver was not injured. an injured black bear cub has been rescued at a south lake tahoe ski resort. he was spotted limping around on one of the slopes at heavenly. rescuers say the drought conditions may be to blame bringing the cub out into the open well before the normal time. >> still be sleeping for another month. he should still be in hibernation but this weather is to -- so up and down. we're getting chipmunks coming out a month early and getting robins up here a month early. the wildlife is reacting to our drought. >> based on his injuries animal rescuers say the cub may have been involved in a fight with dogs or a chi quote or maybe took a -- coyote or maybe took a bad fall. the valuable gold coins found in the backyard may have been the subject of a robbery more than 100 years ago.
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a couple found six steel cans holding nearly 1500 gold coins from the 19th century last week. experts estimate they're worth about $10 million. the coins were in perfect condition and in chronological record and one was missing the -- order and one was missing the words in god we trust. it linked the facts to a -- coins to a heist at the san francisco mint in 1900. washington sends money to the top diplomat in the ukraine. how russia's president is responding to the show of support from the u.s. >> and a teenager sues her parents for what she calls abandonment. how this child between parent and -- clash between parent and child ended up in court. >> hi, i'm lawrence karnow. lot of clouds and a whole lot of moisture. could we squeeze out a few rain drops out of the clouds? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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monday, the do wall street's worries of the ukraine crisis quickly evaporating after big losses monday, the dow is rebounding and right now you can see the dow is up about 35 points. dip homesy and defiance in ukraine today as international pressure grows for russia to withdraw its troops. secretary of state john kerry arrived this morning to support ukraine's new government. the administration is also promising a $1 billion aid package. but the defiance from the kremlin has not eased. craig boswell on vladimir putin's latest challenge. >> reporter: russian soldiers fired warning shots. then stood face-to-face with unarmed ukrainian troops at an airfield in crimea. they were demanding the russians vacate the air base. to show u.s. support for ukraine's new government. >> the united states reaffirms our commitment to ukraine's
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sovereignty and territorial integrity. according to international law, we condemn the russian federation's act of aggression. >> reporter: russia is under pressure to pull thousands of troops from southern ukraine. a region with many ethnic russians and considerable strategic advantages for russia's military. [ speaking foreign language ] in his first extended comments since russian troops seized crimea. president vladimir putin called the recent uprisings an unconstitutional coup. the obama administration is pledging $1 billion in loan guarantees to help the ukraine weather this crisis. and will offer advisers to help with new elections. >> we believe that the ukrainian people should be able to decide their own future. >> reporter: president obama has also been huddling with his staff about economic sanctions against russia. that might convince putin to change course. world financial markets and russia's currency rebounded tuesday after a big drop. putin claims any sanctions will backfire.
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craig boswell for cbs news, the white house. >> today, president obama delivered his budget to capitol hill. it took a lot of boxes to print out the $3.9 trillion spending plan. it includes new funding for preschool education, expanded tax credits for low income workers without children, and higher taxes on the wealthy. while it's sure to face republican opposition, the budget gives democrats a playbook heading into the midterm elections. a new jersey teenager is in court today not facing charges, but facing her own parents who she's suing. 18-year-old rachel canning says her parents have abandoned her and are refusing the pay her tuition. -- to pay her tuition. she's an honors student and clear heeder and -- cheerleader and lacrosse player. her father who's a retired police chief says that rachel is rebellious and refuses to live by the rules of his house. >> we have a college funds that's available to her. there's no doubt about that.
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but it's equivalent of going shopping at a high end store and sending somebody the bill. >> rachel is demanding her parents pay the tuition at the private high school and give her access to that college fund so she can attend after graduation. her lawyer also wants dad to pay the $12,000 in legal fees. she doesn't want the play -- according to her dad doesn't want the play by the rule -- to play by the rules. >> i wonder where she learned all that. we have a lot of clouds out there right now. it's very muggy outside. did you feel that? very sticky out there. a lot of moisture continuing to move across the skies. not much rain at least during the day but you can see on the hi-def doppler radar we have scattered showers just off the coastline. all very light and there's a chance of a widely scattered rain drop into some parts of the bay area but not much. here it is a a lot of clouds moving across the skies, but a good trig tore squeeze out the rain. it's got the mug gill feel but not a lot of rain. out the door we've got the cloudy skies over san francisco and much of the bay area but
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the temperatures shooting up to 64 degrees now in san jose. 60 in san francisco. 63-degrees into oakland. throughout the afternoon, we'll see a whole lot of clouds. sliver of sunshine in-between. and a slight chance of a couple of sprinkles or light showers. cloudy tonight. patchy fog again then some unsettled weather ahead and maybe another rainmaker heading our direction too. so most of the energy from this system bumping up right over the top of this ridge so just left us a slight chance into the afternoon. around the state more rain the further north you go. about 64-degrees with some showers in yucaipa. 51 degrees in lake tahoe. let's time this out for you. just a chance of a couple of sprinkles throughout the afternoon. tomorrow tort commute not too bad. some clouds early on and more sunshine and this next storm system drops in to bring a chance of rain to the bay area wednesday night into early thursday morning. well, how about those temperatures around the bay area today? it is going to be mild. plan on about 68 degrees in morgan hill and 67 in mountain view. about 60 in pacifica and east bay temperatures well into the
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60s some places almost 70 degrees. then inside the bay, 64 into san francisco. and by the way, don't forget your sunset time tonight is 6:06. sunrise is at 6:35. next couple of days, we are going to see some unsettled weather. in fact latter part of the weekend maybe more rain headed our way too. none of the big storms but just a chance of the big showers. >> a little more rain. as we've been telling you kpix 5 is a proud sponsor of the cbs bay area local spelling bee. and thousands of students have been working to win school contests so they can represent the bay area in the national spelling bee. about 50 students got word yesterday -- got word yesterday if they made the cut. so in the spirit of the spelling bee we're having our own competition right here at the desk for the next two weeks. i say this was unfair because we should give you words. but -- >> but you're the talent. you are the true talent on this set. >> you are the talent. >> they've just asked me to be the one that asks you the question and you were 3-3. >> 3-3. >> up perfect. here we go. >> i'm nervous again.
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>> the meaning of this word is ancient writings found on -- well. quite often on rocks. you might find these in hawaii. all right? >> okay. >> here's your word. michelle. i almost showed it to her. >> i think i know what it is. >> i almost did it again. >> the word is -- petroglyphs. >> okay wait. pet row aggressives? >> pet row aggressive -- p. e. t. r. o. g. l. y. p. h. s.. >> perfect. you got it. >> pet row aggressives. >> that's right. >> i get a round of applause too. >> you are 4-4. >> what is frank mallicoat? >> i think he only got one right today. >> is that right? 1-what? >> you and i both know he's a horrible speller. >> but he is -- he's great at trying and that's fun watching him struggle through those. >> i think we need to start asking you now. >> no because i'm a horrible speller too. >> can you spell commercial? [ laughter ] can you spell
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a painful recovery at a kentucky sinkhole site. $1million worth of classic cars were gobbled up wean the floor dis-- when the floor disappeared. the first one out was a 2009 bright blue corvette. incredibly though. it suffered only minor damage. and when a worker put the key in, it started right up. well this all happened at the national corvette museum. security cameras captured the moment the cars were swallowed up last month. the recovered cars will be part of a special exhibit this summer. and an l. a. pizza delivery man enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame in a big way. >> pizza's here. [ cheering and applause ] >> during sunday's oscar show, hostellen degeneres ordered pizza for everyone and when it arrived the delivery guy was brought on stage to help hand it out. he says he had no idea he would end up on stage. >> i didn't know anything. >> can you -- you just got the call? >> i just got the call and they
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just told me -- 25 pizzas and we just made it and then i delivered it. >> ellen took up a collection among the celebrities and gave the pizza guy $1,000 tip. he happens to own the pizza shop and he shared the cash with all of his employees. it's a shopping staple. stephanie tantillo is in the produce section withed a dice about onions. >> hey everybody today we're going to talk about onions. as you can see there are so many different varieties of onions to choose from. it could actually be a little bit difficult but for something sweet i love sweet vidalia onions. when you see them in the store, here's what you want to look for. they should have this nice uniform dry firm skin all the way around. no wet spots, no moldy looking spots and definitely no soft spots. that means it might be a little bit old and could possibly actually be the case. now when you bring onions home make sure you store them in the refrigerator. they last for a little bit until you cut them open. use them as quickly as possible. now you know vidalia onions have a very nice sweet flavor and go great with bell peppers
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and saute that up. it's a great meal and you can't beat it. unless maybe you put sausage in there too. i'm stephanie tantillo with your tip of the day. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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how the sudden closure of a area travel agency is leavi ged and st coming up at 5:00, vacation plans in limbo. how the sudden closure of a bay area travel agency is leaving customers shortchanged and stuck at home. that story and more at 5:00. well, one reporter on the east coast was sent out to cover the weather but instead the weather covered him.
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>> there goes a couple of plows demonstrating -- what i said. hitting us. all right. there you go. here comes another one. >> steve? >> oh, yeah. he was hit. this was in new jersey by the way. the reporter was only 20 feet from the road when that happened. >> they did that on purpose. >> i think you need to do that in the rain. >> they were heading for that guy. >> you need to report from the side of the road in the rain. get a truck to come out. >> you're trying to get rid of me. >> and splash him. have a great one. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,
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>> katie: please don't say that. >> ridge: well, you asked me to give you one good reason. i can't think of a better one. i do. i love you, katie. >> brooke: this could be serious. >> thorne: if it gets out of control. but you think aly seemed better today? >> brooke: she was a little agitated. she was concerned for hope. >> thorne: she wasn't as negative as she was in the meeting? >> broe: